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It's said that to build markets: faith in one's ability needs to be abundant; ethics has to be of a high standard; service needs to be without complaints; and the dedication and determination to meet standards needs to be impeccable. In fact these are the major investments that Mr. R. Selvaraj , the Chairman and Managing Director has made in his venture - Sanjana Metal Ware India Pvt Ltd., that took its birth in the year 2005. The first launch was the Double - Walled insulated hot pots and serving Dishes of food grade quality - 304 grade 18/10 Stainless Steel.

His strong belief is that organizations progress not with resources, but resourcefulness of men. It's this guiding philosophy that made " SANJANA" acquire brand status in 2008-just within three years of launch. His entry into the market was with a minimum force; all set to give their heart and time, to achieve anything in life.

2008 also witnessed the brand "SANJANA" entering the international market - Middle East and there has been no looking back since then. His oft made statement is that mere talent does not make a champion -it's the dedication, determination and discipline that separate them from the rest. The fact that our man power is close to 300; with improved machineries; good design tool room; increased production capacity -with 100% EOU infrastructure in a sprawling area of 4459.345 Sq. Mtrs.

The product range of Sanjana Metal Ware Pvt Ltd , have expanded over the years and today we offer -Doublewalled insulated products,Planters(garden & corporate) and Serving Dishes-in different shapes and sizes, that are visually compelling and functionally superior.

Our objective is to continue to make available products of high standard that others would like to emulate and remain not only consumer friendly, but ecofriendly too!

Our endeavor is to become pathfinders and not just move on the trodden path.